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OMOM Medical Grade Kids Mask

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KIDS 3ply Medical Grade Disposable Masks Oh me oh my, Make-a-face kiddy case.  CUSTOMISE YOUR OWN LITTLE CARRIER BOX!Each packaging comes with a small handle,so you can decorate it, put things inside and...

KIDS 3ply Medical Grade Disposable Masks


Oh me oh my,


Make-a-face kiddy case. 



Each packaging comes with a small handle,

so you can decorate it, put things inside and bring it around!


Draw on whatever you like to personalise it,


we also have stickers you can use to complete the look!


Medical grade for use in crowded and air-conditioned environments like malls, hospitals and schools.


BFE ≥ 98%  

PFE ≥ 95% 

High filterability – dust, pollen, bacteria



•  Suitable for children ages 3-12

•  Suitable for use in public places like schools and tuition centres

•  Suitable for outdoor use in play settings with other children

•  Suitable for visits to the clinic and/or hospital

•  Suitable for dusty and hazy environments


If your child is older, please check that the size of the mask is still able to fit well on the face.



•  You cannot put me into the washing machine. Please throw me away after each use and take a new piece.

•  Don’t wear me to sleep! I might get in the way of a good night’s sleep.

•  Don’t wear me if you are too young! I know I look cute, but I am made for kiddies 3 years and older.

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