100% Pure Cricket Powder

100% Pure Cricket Powder

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Ento 100% cricket powder is exactly what it says it is, 100% cricket powder with no added ingredients, preservatives or any of the weird stuff that we can't pronounce. How does it taste? Great question. Our cricket powder tastes like a cross between toasted almonds and shrimps. Ento cricket powder is mild in flavour but packs a punch in the nutrition department. Our cricket powder is nutrient dense. I guess ento cricket powder were a boxer, it would be Muhammad Ali.

PROTEIN RICH, NUTRIENT RICH - ento crickets are nutrient rich. Our crickets contain 2x more protein than beef, 7x more iron than kale and equal amount of potassium compared to a banana!

LOW IN CALORIES - ento crickets contain only 65 kcals per serving, whilst at the same time you get 27% of your daily protein intake! 

SUSTAINABLE SUPERFOOD - crickets are beneficial for our health AND our environment. Our kids and kids' kids will thank you for it! Farming crickets requires 100x less land, 2500x less water and 80% less feed compared to farming livestock. 

·         27% of your daily protein intake per serving

·         86% of your daily iron intake per serving

·         Guilt free, only 67 calories per serving (ONLY 3% of your daily intake)

·         Sustainable for the body and the environment

·         Free from: dairy, additives, preservatives