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Seller Shipping Guide

Seller Shipping Guide

Dear seller, you can now set the admin shipping rates:

  1. as default option from your respective seller panels; or
  2. set sellers’ own rates using the COUNTRY WISE SHIPPING (RECOMMENDED)

It is necessary for you to choose a shipping method. Then only shipping rates will be visible to the customers on front end.



Please follow the steps below:

Belokal Multi-vendor Seller Panel>>Go to Configuration>>Shipping Configuration>>Click (…) Action>>Click “Set as Default” from Action menu of Shipping Methods.

That is how sellers can set marketplace shipping as default shipping method from their respective seller panels.

Now, let’s see how the seller can set shipping rates separately for country wise.


If you are shipping to different countries with different shipping rates then, you have to set country wise shipping. For example, different rates for East Malaysia and West Malaysia.

In the Shipping Configuration menu of the seller panel, you will have the marketplace shipping option in the listing.


In front of that shipping method, you need to click the view button in the Action menu.

Clicking the view button, you will see the list of added countries. There, you will get the option to manage shipping ranges & add more countries.

You can manage each country’s shipping rates from the Action menu just by clicking the view button. You can anytime disable/delete any country from the list.



How to Manage Shipping Range?

You first need to add Shipping ranges and then proceed to add countries to set different shipping rates for each country for all the states.

Seller Adding Shipping Ranges

You then click the Add New Range button to set a shipping range to enter zone-wise shipping rates. These rates will be applied whether on the product’s price or product’s weight.


You can add up to 8 shipping ranges for a Shipping method. You can only choose either shipping based on Price or Weight.


For example, Shipping Range is set based on the Price of the product. Similar to this, you can set up to 8 ranges for a shipping method. Also, you can edit/delete the ranges.


 You can view the shipping range details from here:

Once done, you can proceed to select countries & set different shipping rates for each country & their states based on price or weight of the product.

This way, a seller can set different shipping rates for different countries based on Price or Weight of the product.All the countries to which shipping rate is set will be listed in this section (as attached in the screenshot). You can proceed to manage shipping ranges from there & add new countries also.


3.0 Free Shipping Over a Certain Amount

In case you would like to provide free shipping over a certain amount then you can set up the shipping ranges on the basis of price as below:

You can set the shipping ranges as 0-$100, $101-200, $201-300, and in the last shipping range, you can put any higher number like $301 to $5000000.

Then, you can put up the rates on these shipping ranges for states/countries

like 0-100$ shipping rate is $10.

101-200$ shipping rate is $20.

201-300$ shipping rate is $15.

$301 to $5000000 shipping rate is zero($0)


This way, if any of your product falls under $301 to $500000000 range, then no shipping rates will be applied on that your products.


This is how, FREE Shipping is set on products.