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Product Personalization Guide

Custom Product Options

As a seller, you can now let your customers provide additional information about the product while purchasing it.



  • Let customers add additional information about the products while purchasing it.
  • Allow customers to make personalization choices while purchasing a product.
  • Provide a better shopping experience for your customers.
  • Get a boost to your online sales.
  • Enable Toggle Checkbox and let customers pay for the custom options added.


How to Add the Custom Product Options?

  1. You need to login to his/her seller panel.
  2. After that, go to the “Products” and click “Product Listing” to get the option to add/edit a product.
  3. Clicking the “Add Product” button, you will get redirected to the “Add product form” and fill the required form.
  4. Scrolling-down to bottom, the seller will have the option to add multiple custom product options.
  5. Lastly, click the save button.

NOTE:- Single quote(‘), double quote(“), double colon(::), comma(,) are not allowed in the field name.

Instead, you can use a vertical bar/pipe (|) as a separator.

And that is how it appears on the store-front:


After filling all the custom information for this product, the customer will add this product to the cart. Thus, they can view the added information on the cart page also.

Now, once this product is ordered, you can view the custom information about the product on the order detail page.

Toggle Checkbox As Custom Option

You can now have the Toggle Checkbox as an “input type” for a custom option added to a product. While adding a custom option to a product, you can enter the field name and choose Toggle Checkbox.

 Now, in case you want to charge an additional amount for the custom option, enable the price option, and enter the amount you want to charge in addition to the product price.


Let Suppose, you sell watches on your store. You want to provide a custom option on a product to let customers purchase products with warranties.

In this case, you can add custom options to the product by enabling a Toggle Checkbox. Now, the customer who wants to purchase the product with a warranty, can enable the checkbox and the warranty amount will be added to the product price at checkout.

You can add custom options while adding/editing products to your store. Go to Products>>Add Product/Edit Product>>CUSTOM OPTIONS>>Enter Field Name, Select TOGGLE CHECKBOX, Enable Price for Custom Option & Enter Amount you want to charge>>Save.