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Barnyard Fun Full Kit

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Barnyard Fun Full Kit The full kit is suitable for kids from 2-5 years of age.A fun farm theme is used as a means to educate them through play, to peak...

Barnyard Fun Full Kit


The full kit is suitable for kids from 2-5 years of age.

A fun farm theme is used as a means to educate them through play, to peak their interest in learning about different animals and plants.

The full set version of this kit comes with additional games and accessories for more interactive fun!



Your box set should come with:


1) Banyard Fun Kit description leaflet


2) A5 ring-binding booklet – English & Bahasa


This booklet comes with a set of non-toxic marker pens that are easy to wipe off so that your children can write and rewrite as many times as they like! 

A little eraser is also included for their use.


3) A4 ring-binding booklet – Stick and Learn

Interactive worksheets in english and a special printing effect is used for some stickers to help create interest and engagement.

Choose the right stickers to match colours, names, shapes and food! 

This booklet comes with cut-out answers for each game which you can re-use as many times as you like.


4) A4 booklet – Bahasa

Learn and remember words in Bahasa Malaysia with this booklet. Colour, write and fill in the blanks as you name the animals, shapes and colours!


5) This set also comes with little extras for you to play with:


• Mini letter blocks with string

• Colourful peg clips & googly eyes

• Paper hay/straw

• Farmhouse cut-out

  Have fun setting up the farmhouse on your box!

• Box set farm animal cut-outs

• Choobi Fun kit stickers


DIY Arts & Crafts

Some colourful arts and crafts are included for fun and tactile learning. The activities vary so that kids can try different crafts which help with their grip training and finger movements. Bond over craft time as you help your kids stick googly eyes on the animals and clip on colourful animal legs. Build and play creatively with the clips as they learn colours. There are also colourful letter blocks included to help kids build words and recognise colours, which can also be used in the booklets. 


Note to parents: Please help your younger children as they play with the blocks, these are small in size and fit easily into the mouth. All blocks are packed by a supplier, so the alphabets may be randomly selected.


Thank you for being one of our success stories!






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