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Do you know that Malaysia also has our own Taj Mahal? It is in the state of Terengganu!

When it comes to exploring Terengganu, what comes to mind would be the white sandy beaches and beautiful coral-fringed of Perhentian Island, Redang Island and Kapas Island. While Terengganu boasts one of the best beaches in Malaysia, not many know that this local state has much more to offer.  Let’s join us as we explore some of the hidden gems here!

Terengganu China Town

1)Terengganu Chinatown

Chinatowns bloomed across the world in many countries and Terengganu is not short of that. Terengganu is blessed with a large Chinese population that migrated from China many years back to stay, work and build their families. Here, you will find 100-year old heritage building, temples as well as authentic Chinese and local cuisines.

Terengganu Turtle Alley

2)Turtle Alley

Located within walking distance from Chinatown, you will find a small alley that looked very similar to the ones you saw in Chinese movies. You will find different types and sizes of turtles in this narrow alley. Hence, the name – Turtle Alley! Not to worry, these turtles are made of rocks and tiles so you can definitely snap away some insta-worthy pictures! By showing the different types of sea turtles and the ecosystem they live in, the local authority aims to bring greater awareness to the prevention of extinction of sea turtles that is rapidly happening currently and promoting better care for the environment.

Terengganu Lake Kenyir

3)Lake Kenyir

I am pretty sure that you have read in your school textbooks about Lake Kenyir being the largest man-made lake in South East Asia. Its size is 1.5 times bigger than our neighbor, Singapore! Imagine how vast is that! Surround yourself with rich natural tropical rainforest and enjoy quiet breeze, the perfect spot to relieve yourself from all your worries. You can experience living by the lake by doing activities such as fishing, taking pictures, kayaking and live in a boat house or a lake villa.

Terengganu Crystal Mosque

4)Crystal Mosque

You are not mistaken! This is Crystal Mosque, also known as the Malaysian ‘Taj Mahal’. Of course, this mosque is not made up of real crystals but the mosque is so named thanks to crystal glass used as part of the building materials. When the sun shines, the mosque glows in bright golden colour. In the evening, the mosque is lit up like a Disney Castle! Is it comparable to the Taj Mahal of India?

Terengganu Gem Island

5)Gemia Island

Not many know the existence of Gemia Island compared to its other famous cousins, Redang Island and Perhentian Island. It is named as such due to it small size and not because of the gems on the island! Gemia Island is your ultimate private getaway from the fast-paced city life as there is only one and only resort so you can truly enjoy the luxury of privacy here. If that isn’t good enough, you get to revel in the sight of clean sea water with the companion of a wonderful array of fishes when you go swimming!

After reading this, do you think you have actually discovered Terengganu enough yet?

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